Permitting and Policy

Under the recently enacted Maine Public Law 2009, Chapter 270 (LD 1465), the University of Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site will be located near Monhegan Island, an area selected by the state. This site has already been analyzed in detail through the state's site selection process.

With Maine's designation of the test site, the Permitting and Policy team is securing specific permits for the proposed project from all applicable local, state, and federal permitting authorities. In conformance with the application requirements, to obtain a General Permit under LD 1465, the Permitting and Policy team, in conjunction with the Micrositing and Ecological Monitoring teams, will submit a report to the required state and federal agencies describing

  • Existing commercial fishing and other uses in the project area, as well as the marine resources.
  • A detailed monitoring plan of benthic invertebrates, fish, marine mammal, and avian wildlife.
  • Monitoring plan of ambient noise levels possibly associated with project construction and, if needed, any subsequent operations and avoidance and mitigation measures.
  • Navigation public safety plans.
  • Project removal plan.

The team will work to develop these plans in consultation with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as stakeholders.