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November, 2013. "With Statoil behind it, Maine makes its case to lead in offshore wind technology." Bangor Daily News

November, 2013. "UMaine releases offshore wind project proposal." Portland Press Herald

June, 2013. "The Country’s First Floating Wind Power Is Now Bobbing Off The Maine Coast." Fast Company

June 4, 2013. "LIDAR System Unveiled." University of Maine

June 4, 2013. "First Floating Wind Turbine In The U.S. Deploys In Maine." Huffington Post

June 3, 2013. "Maine Makes Waves with America's 'First' Offshore Floating Wind Turbine." Forbes

May 31, 2013. "A Floating Wind Tower Is Launched in Maine." New York Times

May 31, 2013. "Prototype offshore wind turbine launched in Maine." Bloomberg Businessweek

May 31, 2013. "First floating wind turbine in North America hits the water in Brewer." Bangor Daily News

May 26, 2013. "UMaine shows off new buoy-based laser system that will gauge offshore wind speeds." Bangor Daily News

April 9, 2013. "Offshore wind enters deeper Maine testing." Morning Sentinel


December 13, 2012. "We Built This! Offshore Wind Power Gets Big Bucks From Joe Public".

December 13, 2012. "Maine offshore wind proposals win millions in federal grants".

December 12, 2012. "UMaine wins first phase of $93.2m deepwater floating offshore wind demonstration programme". Morning Sentinel

December 12, 2012. "Obama offers funds to launch U.S. offshore wind farms". USA TODAY

December 12, 2012. "DOE awards $4M to UMaine for offshore wind". Bloomberg Businessweek

December 12, 2012. "DOE awards up to $4M to UMaine for offshore wind". San Francisco Chronicle

December 12, 2012. "U.S. to Award $169 Million to Seven Offshore Wind Projects". Bloomberg

December 12, 2012. "DOE awards up to $4M to UMaine for offshore wind".

January 20, 2012. "Innovative Projects Tap Renewable Energy Sources." Science Friday.


September 8, 2011. "Communities tied by century-old shipwreck share technology, ideas during visit." Bangor Daily News.

September 1, 2011. "UMaine Received Grant to Develop Longer Offshore Wind Blades." North American Wind Power.

August 17, 2011. "Interior chief Ken Salazar to Visit UMaine."

August 8, 2011. "Senators Introduce Offshore Wind Legislation." North American Wind Power.

July 14, 2011. "Portland lawyer to work on renewable energy curriculum at UMaine." Bangor Daily News.

June 20, 2011. "Ocean energy conference asks: Why not Maine?" Portland Press Herald.

June 17, 2011. "State's ocean energy potential goes beyond generating power." Portland Press Herald.

June 16, 2011. "Economic development in offshore wind power touted at closing day of conference." Bangor Daily News.

June 6, 2011. "Wind clarification." Bangor Daily News.

June 5, 2011. "What would LePage advisors have said to Wright Brohters?" Bangor Daily News.

June 3, 2011. "Offshore wind energy innovator speaks in Belfast." Village Soup.

May 16, 2011. "DeepCwind Consortium Announces Winners of Windstorm Challenge 2011."

May 11, 2011. "University Hosts Floating Wind Turbine Competition." North American Wind Power.

April 5, 2011. "College students shaping Maine's energy future." (video).

March 31, 2011. "UMaine Holding Meetings Around the Midcoast to Discuss Offshore Wind Test Site Near Monhegan." The Free Press (Midcoast Maine).

February 24, 2011. "ANALYSIS: Maine Offshore Wind Report Gives Developers a Big Boost." Offshore Wind Wire.

February 24, 2011. "University of Maine releases Offshore Wind Report." North American Wind Power.

February 23, 2011. "UMaine report targets offshore wind bids." Mainebiz

February 22, 2011. "University of Maine seeks potential developers for offshore pilot project."

February 22, 2011. "Official hopes firms will put turbines in Gulf of Maine." Bangor Daily News.

February 22, 2011. "Deepwater wind power given boost from report." Portland Press Herald.

January 26, 2011. "UMaine professor: offshore wind can be cost competitive." Bangor Daily News.

January 26, 2011. "President Encourages New Clean Energy Standard." North American Windpower.

January 24, 2011. "Maine Wind Energy Conference (USA)."


October 28, 2010. "Monhegan prepares for wind power." Bangor Daily News.

October 19, 2010. "Offshore Wind Conference Educates and Updates People On Historic Progress." WABI-5 (Video)

October 19, 2010. "Consortium discusses potential for offshore wind at Northport conference." WCSH-6 (Video)

October 19, 2010 "Offshore wind research aired at conference." Bangor Daily News.

October 13, 2010. "U.S. Offshore Wind Industry Reaches Major Milestone." Reuters.

September 29, 2010. "Our View: Offshore wind potential supported by new study." Portland Press Herald.

September 3, 2010. "Dagher, UMaine Recognized for Offshore Wind Technology Work." UMaine News.

September 2, 2010. "Maine Releases RFP for Offshore Wind and Tidal Energy." Offshore Wind Wire.

August 16, 2010. Interview with Dr. Habib J. Dagher WCSH-6 (Video)

August 13, 2010. "High School Students Test Offshore Wind Platforms." WABI-TV.

August 8, 2010. "State's push for offshore wind energy intensifies." Lewiston Sun Journal.

August 6, 2010. "La energía eólica se muda mar adentro." (Spanish) 

July 22, 2010. "La primera granja eólica flotante del mundo." BBC Mundo (Spanish) 

July 20, 2010. "DeepCwind Consortium Extends Deadline for Prequalification Questionnaire." AEWC Advanced Structures & Composites Center/DeepCwind Consortium

July 15, 2010. "DeepCwind Focuses on Stabilizing Wind Turbines in Deepwater Locations." 

July 09, 2010. "Stabilisers will let deep-sea wind turbines stand tall." New Scientist Magazine

June 29, 2010. "DeepCwind Consortium Issues Prequalification Questionnaire to Identify Qualified Floating Wind Platform Concept Designers." AEWC Advanced Structures & Composites Center/DeepCwind Consortium

June 25, 2010. "At Sen. Collins’ Urging, Administration Commits $20 Million for Deepwater Offshore Wind." UMaine News.

June 10, 2010. "Deepwater Drilling for U.S.? Try Deepwater Wind." greentechmedia.

June 6, 2010. "State point man on offshore wind clearly energized." Portland Press Herald.

June 5, 2010. "Setting the Course for Deepwater Offshore Wind." Bangor Daily News special advertising supplement.

November 18, 2009. "Seeking Wind Energy, Some Consider the Sea." New York Times.