Floating Lessons: Intern Blogs Week 6

The DeepCwind Consortium reviewed dozens of applications and placed 12 students around Maine and Washington, D.C. for eight-week-long summer internships. Follow this series to hear from the mouths of interns what it's like to work for companies that are launching the floating deepwater offshore wind industry.

Dustin Jalbert, Masters Candidate International Finance and Economics (Brandeis)
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Talk about a crazy week! The group has had some late nights in preparation for a major meeting. It’s exciting to see how far along the DeepCwind Consortium is to finally make offshore wind a reality in the state, especially after seeing the massive volume of information that we had to compile just for this one event.

Printing, compiling, and binding were the main tasks that occupied the Windterns over the week. Though the tasks were somewhat repetitive and would normally be tedious, time passed by surprisingly fast and we actually had quite a bit of fun. I’d say we did pretty well keeping each other entertained with our unique music selection and occasionally showing off our best dance moves. Whatever will keep us awake and sane!

To add to the busy workweek, I have a bachelor party to host this weekend, so life really has been nonstop! Balancing this and the late work nights has been a little tough, but fortunately, most of the bachelor party was planned last week, taking a little pressure off me. Should be a good way to celebrate the weekend!


Caitlin Howland, Undergraduate in Economics and Spanish
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Thursday many of the members of the wind team went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter together. It was fun seeing my co-workers out of the office setting. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and enjoy arguably one of the better Harry Potter movies together.

I guess we are going to have more office bonding in the future.


Hannah3_webHannah Ruhl, Undergraduate in Food Science and Nutrition
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

This week was the craziest we have had so far this summer! Most other projects were on hold for the week and the whole team switched into overdrive.

As busy as this week was, we still had the chance to go as a group to watch the midnight premier of the final Harry Potter movie. Josh [Plourde] and Elizabeth [Viselli] looked awesome dressed up as characters from the movie, and we all ate our weight in Twizzlers. All in all a successful evening and definitely worth being exhausted the next day at work (we stayed until 11 that night as well).

Peter Drown, Undergraduate in Economics
Interning at Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI), Washington, D.C.

Future Leaders in Energy Excellence (FLEX) has taken off! We are up to 15 members, and those of us in D.C. are getting together for happy hour next Wednesday to discuss strategies. We are developing a mentorship program with professionals in the field so we can expand our resource and knowledge base. We have drafted materials for our mission statement and letters to Congress, which will be our big deliverable upon leaving D.C.