Floating Lessons: Intern Blogs Week 3

The DeepCwind Consortium reviewed dozens of applications and placed 12 students around Maine and Washington, D.C. for eight-week-long summer internships. Follow this series to hear from the mouths of interns what it's like to work for companies that are launching the floating deepwater offshore wind industry.

Celeste Lozier, Undergraduate in English (Technical Writing)
Interning at Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative

The immersion in graduate-level and beyond academics is fantastic. This is exactly the type of exposure that all undergraduates need to have—and the earlier the better. I would have loved to have had access to this internship last summer, following my first year at the University of Maine. From the conference I’ve attended, to navigating the various social spheres, to reading academic papers and conducting research that will have a tangible impact, all these experiences have been presented in a cohesive and succinct manner that hasn’t been made available to me in any other setting.

Hannah Ruhl, Undergraduate in Food Science and Nutrition
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Hannah2_webThis week I had the pleasure of attending the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) conference in Northport. The purpose of this conference was to develop a new lesson plan that focuses on innovative new ways to teach Maine students about engineering. I really enjoyed watching [Elizabeth and Josh] go through the reasoning process [of creating a lesson plan] and I think we got some great feedback for modifying the [Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platform Activity]. Emptying out the 50-gallon tank with buckets at the end of the night was not quite as fun as the rest of the evening, but we cleaned up everything and were home by 10:30.


Caitlin Howland, Undergraduate in Economics and Spanish
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

¡Buenos días!

Esta semana fue focado en ideas nuevas. Todas de las personas que trabajan aquí tuven ideas fabulosas en mi opinión. La creatividad en esta oficina es muy buena. He visto las otras personas aquí desarrollando una branda nueva con photos por insiración cada día. A mí, me encantalo.

Estoy escribiendo este blog en español y en inglés porque estoy emocionada para la empieza de los estudios de languas en la oficina en el lunes que viene. Pienso que lo es muy importante en el mundo, solomente si es para dar respecto cuanto tengan reuniones en otros pieses.

Good day!

This week was focused on new ideas. All of the people that work here had fabulous pitches this week in my opinion. The creativity in the office is great. I have been watching the designers here developing a fresh brand for DeepCwind utilizing images for inspiration each day. I love it.

I am writing this blog in both English and Spanish not only to make it interesting, but also because I am excited about the start of language studies in the office this coming Monday. I think it is vital in this world to learn languages, even if it is solely for respect purposes when someone has a meeting in another country.