Floating Lessons: Intern Blogs Week 2

The DeepCwind Consortium reviewed dozens of applications and placed 12 students around Maine and Washington, D.C. for eight-week-long summer internships. Follow this series to hear from the mouths of interns what it's like to work for companies that are launching the floating deepwater offshore wind industry.

Terran Siladi, Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering
Interning at AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Terran1_webI feel like I am starting to adjust better to living in an apartment and getting used to working a full time job. It’s a large chunk of time out of my day, and by the end I always feel like I just want to take a nap.

Yesterday Caitlin [Howland] and I—along with some friends of hers—went whitewater canoeing on the Stillwater [River]. There were only about 30 feet of actual white water, but after successfully getting through that—which was a blast!—we continued down the river and explored around Ayers Island.

My other grand adventure of the week wasn’t actually quite as grand because, honestly, it was kind of scary. I live fairly close to the university in downtown Orono, so when it’s not raining (By the way: don’t trust the weathermen—they have been completely wrong about the weather all week), I usually like to ride my bike to and from work. I have an older road bike that I “converted” to a single speed, and so on Wednesday, as I was going across the Main Street bridge into town, my chain tension somehow got messed up and my rear tire came loose. I was turning into a parking lot as this happened, so luckily I didn’t end up wildly careening into traffic—but had it been any sooner I probably would have!

Mellissia Richards, Undergraduate in Communications and Journalism
Interning with Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Last week consisted mainly of working in LexisNexis to create a database of various news articles from Maine about energy. It's been a trip down memory lane. As an older student, it is interesting to read about things that happened when I was finishing high school. I had forgotten a lot about what had happened when Maine Yankee, the nuclear power plant in Wiscasset, was under investigation and being shut down.