Forbes Magazine Article Features Dr. Habib Dagher, P.E.

Anthony Wing Kosner recently authored an article for Forbes featuring Dr. Habib Dagher, P.E., Principal Investigator of the DeepCwind Consortium.

An excerpt from the article: 
"What are we waiting for to get to the really innovative ideas? There must be solutions with less severe tradeoffs than shale gas and tar sands oil. Why lock ourselves in to processes that will only get dirtier, riskier and more expensive over time rather than ones that will build sustainable equity and reduce long-term energy costs—and environmental impacts. Why continue to procrastinating the inevitable? 

I met a man in Portland, Maine, this summer who’s not waiting around to find out. Dr. Habib Dagher is founding Director of the Advanced Structures & Composites Center, a National Science Foundation funded research Center based at theUniversity of Maine, Orono. Habib was in Portland to deliver a talk at our own homegrown TED conference,TEDxDirigo. Among the 125 R&D projects he has conducted in his 25 years at the Center, the most exciting is a plan to deploy huge offshore wind farms in the deep waters of the Gulf of Maine the could power the entire State by 2030—with an equal amount of energy left over to sell to our neighbors. That plan was the subject of his talk that day."

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